Nevereal Games

Nevereal Games API

Bringing the speed and versatility of C++ and Nevereal Games to GameMaker Developers, introducing the Nevereal Games API.

Introduce online highscores, FTP, database saving and Nevereal Games' Accounts support into your game quickly and easily. With the Nevereal Games API, developers have access to the following:

  • Nevereal Games Accounts
  • Online Highscores
  • FTP
  • MySQL database support
  • User signatures
  • User avatars

The Nevereal Games API is free to use. To get started, simply add a game, and a unique developer key and game key will be created for you. Use these two keys within your application to access the API functions.

Using the API:

Take a look at our Getting Started Guide. We recommend that you take a look at the included GameMaker file for examples on how to use the API. We will update this page when we release version 2 with documentation.

Need More?

Additional API services may be available for qualified developers. To request elevated access, please contact Luis via PM.